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To provide communication and disseminate information to interested members; to promote and benefit scientific study of all raptorial birds and their prey species; to promote and benefit appropriate methods for the care, welfare and training of raptorial species; to enhance conservation of raptors and all aspects of the environment with which they are integrated ; to enhance the legitimacy of falconry as a field sport through our actions and aspirations; to establish traditions which will aid, perpetuate, and further the welfare of falconry, raptors, prey species, and our environment.


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Hi Falconers, we’ve been getting a couple of requests for falconry presentations. If you’re interested in doing a falconry presentation at one of these events, please contact the emails associated with them. You may discuss with them individually options for compensation and/or hunting on local properties.What: Falconry presentation for 6th gradersDates: Anytime between November through January. Times: Student core classes go from 8:15-1:20, during the day, except for their lunches which run from 11:20-12:25. Location: River Bend Middle School, 5601 Wallace Martin Way, Raleigh, NC 27616Email: Amy Pluhuta plahuta@wcpss.net and Sheree Small smalls@wcpss.netDetails: I am a middle school teacher and our 6th graders are reading “My Side of the Mountain” that discusses falconry in great detail. I was wondering if there was anyone that would be willing/able to come in and do an on-site field trip/demo for us? Students will learn about falconry from the Middle Ages. Then starting in March, the students read Frightful’s Mountain which is a novel pulled from the perspective of a falcon, what they hunt, feed from, etc. Basically, we would love for the kids to learn more about Falconry and Falcons.What: Falconry demo to to kick off a golf tournamentDate: Nov 8th, 2021Time: 10:30AM (event starts at 11AM)Location: Firethorne Country Club (1108 Firethorne Club Dr, Marvin, NC 28173) Email: stubbs.brian@gmail.comWhat: Falconry presentation for an Artist’s Market near SaxapahawDate: 11/20/21Time window: 12-6pLocation: Steel String Brewery’s Pluck Farm, 6901 NC-54 W Mebane, NCEmail: foodandfleaproductions@gmail.comDetails: Artists market & beer event with a Renaissance Faire theme…1st annual event on a 57 acre farm, beer, live music, wooded trails, disc golf, yard games, family friendly! P.S. Just a friendly reminder for falconers and useful info for the public about federal/state regulations regarding educational programs:(8) Use of falconry raptors in conservation education programs . If you are a General or Master Falconer, you may use a bird you possess in conservation education programs presented in public venues.(i) You do not need a Federal education permit to conduct conservation education activities using a falconry raptor held under a State, tribal, or territorial falconry permit.(ii) You may present conservation programs as an Apprentice Falconer if you are under the supervision of a General or Master Falconer when you do so.(iii) You must use the bird primarily for falconry.(iv) You may charge a fee for presentation of a conservation education program. The fee may not exceed the amount required to recoup your costs.(v) In conservation education programs, you must provide information about the biology, ecological roles, and conservation needs of raptors and other migratory birds, although not all of these topics must be addressed in every presentation. You may not give presentations that do not address falconry and conservation education.(vi) You are responsible for all liability associated with conservation education activities you undertake ( see 50 CFR 13.50).(9) Other educational uses of falconry raptors . You may allow photography, filming, or other such uses of falconry raptors to make movies or other sources of information on the practice of falconry or on the biology, ecological roles, and conservation needs of raptors and other migratory birds, though you may not be paid for doing so.(i) You may not use falconry raptors to make movies, commercials, or in other commercial ventures that are not related to falconry.(ii) You may not use falconry raptors for commercial entertainment; for advertisements; as a representation of any business, company, corporation, or other organization; or for promotion or endorsement of any products, merchandise, goods, services, meetings, or fairs, with the following exceptions:(A) You may use a falconry raptor to promote or endorse a nonprofit falconry organization or association.(B) You may use a falconry raptor to promote or endorse products or endeavors related to falconry, including, but not limited to items such as hoods, telemetry equipment, giant hoods, perches, materials for raptor facilities, falconry training and education materials, and scientific research and publication. ... See MoreSee Less
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From Matt Holz (holtz.falconry@outlook.com)I was able to locate a gentleman selling pigeons for my own purposes. I only need about 2 dozen, and he has 5-6 dozen he is looking to sell at $6/7 per bird. Big pigeons, based on his description.If you know anyone looking for pigeons let me know, or if you want to pass this along to the guild please do. I’d be glad to (a) get some for anyone who wants them, and hold on to them for a month or so where they can come to Creedmoor and get them or (b) put you in contact with the seller. He’s in Pinehurst, NC area. I’m planning to pick them up next week so I would need to now relatively soon if they want me to secure additional birds for someone else. Thanks, Matt Holtz ... See MoreSee Less
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Hi NC Falconers and Friends,Bill Davis's Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, May 15th, 2021 at:Stony Hill Church Community Center7521 Stony Hill Rd, Wake Forest NC 27587Please RSVP and arrive at 10:30 a.m.Bill's family is catering a BBQ, so they need as accurate a count as possible. RSVP to Aaron Kinkaid (VicePresident@ncfg.org) as soon as possible, or by Friday, April 29th at the latest.Update 4/23/21: Matt Lewis has been flying Bill's long-time redtail Sandy, and will be releasing her at the memorial. ... See MoreSee Less
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