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To provide communication and disseminate information to interested members; to promote and benefit scientific study of all raptorial birds and their prey species; to promote and benefit appropriate methods for the care, welfare and training of raptorial species; to enhance conservation of raptors and all aspects of the environment with which they are integrated ; to enhance the legitimacy of falconry as a field sport through our actions and aspirations; to establish traditions which will aid, perpetuate, and further the welfare of falconry, raptors, prey species, and our environment.


Associate Orginizations


North American Falconers Association


International Association for Falconry


North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission


North Carolina Wildlife Federation


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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***Monthly NCFG Update***

Officer Emails - You can now reach me (Heather) at Secretary@NCFG.org. I'll do my best to respond within 24-hours, now that I have access. We're making progress with the other officer emails they'll be working soon.

Paying Dues/Joining on the Website - If you've been trying to log onto the website to join and pay/renew your dues, but haven't been able, it's not you -- it's us. We're working on this, but it may take a bit longer. I'll report when it's officially working -- we really appreciate your patience!

Meets / Picnics - We'll still sorting this out (obviously COVID is a giant works-gutting-wrench). Once we get dates and details figured, I'll post it here and the website. Again -- thank you so much for being patient. It's appreciated!

Falconry Workshop - We'll be running a virtual version of the Falconry Workshop and will announce details soon (and hit up members to be speakers!).

Website Galleries - If you have photos from the 2018, 2019, and/or 2020 hunting seasons/meets, please shoot me a message at Secretary@ncfg.org. We hope to get some new pictures on the website once we get the other things fixed.

Out-of-State Falconry Licenses - If you're a non-NC falconer looking to get an out of state license, please contact Wanda Mugo (Administrative Assistant-RAPS, NC Wildlife Resources Commission) directly at 919-707-0061 or wanda.mugo@ncwildlife.org. She'll need a copy of your SC (or other state) falconry license and then she can set you up to purchase your NC Falconry and NC Falconry Hunting licenses.

Thanks again, all!
Heather (NCFG Secretary)

Photo: My female RT Pyewacket in all her grown-up glory. (Kids grow up so fast these days.) Photo Credit: Sara Lee
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Heads up: The Federal 3-186A website is temporarily down today, and potentially tomorrow as well. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi all, this is Heather Freeman, your new NCFG Secretary. We're in the process of getting the new website finalized (which, as a designer, I think looks fantastic!) In the meantime, if you need to reach one of the officers or are seeking information not yet on the website, please email me at heatherfreeman@uncc.edu.

In the meantime, stay healthy and only 87 more days until Squirrel Season! (And probably 120 until the leaves drop. Sigh.)
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A message from President Bob Pendergrass to all members- Hi Everyone,

Hope you are doing well.

Just a reminder and some info.- Today is the last day of the nominations period of the NCFG Elections. We will accept any nominations sent to Richard Shores by email until midnight tonight if anyone is interested. Contact Richard or myself if you need a nomination form.

Within the next few days we will be asking all nominees, contested or not, for a brief bio. Your bio can include anything about yourself that you like, but should include your idea of what the Guild should do for the membership. Bios can be sent to Richard Shores or myself or both ( we are not seeking re-election).

Once we receive the bios, we will get a ballot together with bio information.

Also to be included on the ballot is an up or down (yes or no) vote to establish a new officer position- membership secretary. If this passes, the position will be added to the by-laws. Because the position must be established before the position can be filled, the newly elected officers can appoint a person for the first term and the following elections can allow for a voter selected person.

You may notice we have a new website. “Thank yous” are in order for Jeffrey Coe with some help from Aaron Kincaid. and legwork by current Webmaster Fred Fogg and Richard Shores. Also many thank yous to Fred for his many years of work as our Webmaster.

NCFG continues to “be” because individuals volunteer time and skills and because we are a membership representative organization, who’s members step up to contribute to the whole. It belongs to you and you to it. Please participate in the elections.

Bob Pendergrass, NCFG President (on the way out)
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